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I have always had a passion for motorsport... my first event was in 2015 for the World Rallycross of Great Britain. Since i've been hooked to it all.

More recently I bought myself a camera, because before I used my phone for pictures and videos. However the quality wasn't what I desired. Therefore I bought a DSLR and my story begins there...

I use to do photography as a hobby, now I have dedicated many hours to learning everything I can about my camera, photography and different techniques and styles to shoot.

I met a great friend of mine Troy at college who does Motocross, and decided to attend an event and be his photographer for the day. 1 Year later and I now attend all his events creating short cinematic videos of his bike and create innovative, professional photos. 

Motorsport has been my life from day one, I want to show the World my perspective through the lens....